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Consumer Unit 

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Domestic Electricians - Consumer Units

Consumer units, otherwise known as 'fuse box' or 'distribution board' is where power from the grid enters your home and is distributed. They are often located under the stairs or in a hallway cupboard.

Friendly & Informative 

Every booking is important to us. Our office and field teams work hard to provide friendly and cost effective services all year round. No job too big or small. 

Your families safety 

Your safety and meeting current regulations is our No. 1. All of our electricians work to the latest 18th Edition requirements - This is also known as Part P compliant. 

When would I need a new consumer unit?

Consumer units are required to be upgraded if there is a fault, a request to meet current standards/regulations or if you require more breakers (flip switches) to be applied to the board. Breakers may need to be applied when additional circuits are needed. i.e. additional lights, more sockets, building extensions. 

For further information on consumer units, please get in contact or read our blog for useful tips and guides.

Clean & Tidy Electricians 

We will always treat you and your home with respect. Every booking is important, no matter the size.

Each electrician is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, so there are no excuses for any mess to be left behind!

Consumer Unit Services 

Consumer Unit/Fuse Box Replacements

Fuse box

Distribution Board

Domestic Consumer Unit 

Power Distribution Board 

Tripping Circuit Fault Finding

Circuit Breakers 

Residual Current Devices


Miniature Circuit Breaker


Residual Current Breaker O


DIN Rail 

Economy 7 

Mains Switch

Bus Bar


Surge Protection Device 


Arc Fault Detection Device 

Electrical Prices: Winter 2022

Unlike many tradesmen, here at Deltic Solutions, we offer transparent prices. The below prices are for labour and exclude materials, which will be quoted separately depending on suitability and your preference. 

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